Rose City-Lupton Today

Today, the Rose City – Lupton area is populated by people who enjoy the simple life of a small town. Businesses still largely depend on tourism dollars. This area is the heartland of Michigan’s tourist area with lakes and streams throughout. The Rifle River Recreation area lies just to the east of Rose City and hosts thousands of tourists and outdoor enthusiasts every year who come to enjoy canoeing, fishing, snowmobiling, cross country skiing and sight-seeing. The area is surrounded by State Forest with some Federal land with forests and campgrounds. Tourist-related businesses include motels, resorts, service stations, trout ponds, sporting goods suppliers, bars and party stores. Other employment is found with home and cottage construction companies, lumber and hardware businesses, and several area factories. Retirees who move here from larger cities find the area inviting and convenient. Rose City has been re-born as the recreational area of the future.