About Lupton

The first settlers came from Ohio about 1879. Emmor Lupton (thus the name of Lupton) and his sons had about 300 acres of land with about 125 acres cleared. In 1889 a saw and shingle mill was built on the Levi farm. The mill stood at the corner of Doll and Oyster Roads, It had a capacity of 20,000 feet of lumber and 25,000 shingles per day.

Lupton, which consisted of a store, church, and post office, was built on the hills north of the present site, and was called “Lane Heights”. Because of a better location and accessibility to the railroad and river, the town was later moved to its present location.

Lupton was home to the Graceland Ballroom. This venue was frequented by the infamous Detroit organization The Purple Gang. They controlled most of the illicit underworld operations in the Detroit are.